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MindPalette™ LLC is a creative web development company based in Indianapolis, IN. We offer a wide range of development and design services including:

  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Web Design (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, etc.)
  • Front-End and Back-End Web Development (PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, jQuery)
  • Full-Stack Web Application Development
  • Custom Joomla! Components, Plugins and Templates
  • Custom WordPress Themes, Post Types and Plugins

We work with other web design and development companies and end-user clients, including small businesses and large corporations. Does your small business need a website and someone to manage, host or provide regular maintenance and updates? Are you a web design company needing to hire a developer to build your designs into working WordPress themes or Joomla templates? We can help!

MySQL 5.6 Update – Strict Default

Yesterday I updated an in-house server’s MySQL version from 5.5 to 5.6 and ran into what seemed to be a ton of new problems, but it was all due to a new default MySQL configuration setting. If you’ve just upgraded and you’re getting lots of errors about default values and invalid value types (empty strings for integer fields, etc.), it’s probably the same issue. MySQL 5.6 defaults to more strict data handling for InnoDB (and other transactional) tables.

It would obviously be better to fix the errors, but if you’re working with a lot of old scripts and need a quick temporay fix, try editing your database configuration file (my.cnf) to change this:




For more information, see:

Flat Flashlights from Mock-Epic LLC

Flat FlashlightsLast week we launched a new retail e-commerce website from our sister company, Mock-Epic LLC. I really like this product – magnetic flat flashlights with bright LED bulbs and full color artwork on a high-quality plastic label. They are from the SmashLight® family of products from Bentcil®, and we’re making them available retail, in small quantities and bulk.

The SmashLight® Messenger™ is our lowest price option, with an on/off pressure switch, large artwork area, and extra flat (.25″) design.

The SmashLight® Glow™ is .5″ thick and includes a physical on/off button and a fantastic backlit art area illuminated by 2 additional LED bulbs.

This is a product I’ve decided to sell because I like it so much… they’re hanging on my refrigerator, metal filing cabinet, electrical box and stashed away in half a dozen other places. I hope you like it too. For more information, see Mock-Epic LLC or

PHP Broken Array from json_decode Object

I ran into an odd PHP thing (bug?) today. I had an object that had been extracted from a string using json_decode. After type-casting it to an array, any entries stored with numeric keys were inaccessible when calling by key, though iteration worked fine.

Here’s a simplified example:

// make an associative array
$myList = array(
// json encode to string
$myList = json_encode($myList);
// json decode to object
$myList = json_decode($myList);
// typecast back to array
$myList = (array) $myList;
// test output
$test1 = (array_key_exists(4, $myList))
	? $myList[4] : 'nothing!';
$test2 = (array_key_exists('nine', $myList))
	? $myList['nine'] : 'nothing!';
echo 'test1: '.$test1.', test2: '.$test2;

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