Creative Web Design & Development

MindPalette™ LLC is a creative web development company based in Indianapolis, IN. We are currently in a state of transition, and will be shifting most of our development focus to:

  • PHP Form Processing Scripts (new versions to replace NateMail and ProcessForm)
  • Joomla! Extensions (Components, Modules, Plug-ins & Templates)
  • WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • jQuery and JavaScript Plugins & Scripts

Though no longer actively developed, we will continue to offer free downloads of our GoLive Actions. The older Scripts and Tutorials are also still available, though future content and development will be in our new Development Blog.

New eCommerce Site:

We’re launching a new custom Joomla eCommerce site this week. I’m especially excited about this one, because it’s one of my own ventures, via Mock-Epic LLC. The first retail site is, which sells twisted pens (some of which we make here in-house). We hope to have a total of three retail sites online before this summer. Looking forward to it!

Joomla 2.5 – stuck redirecting to index.php for 404

I’ve just spent the last few hours troubleshooting why a Joomla 2.5 site I’m working on was redirecting to the home index.php page for bad URLs instead of loading my template’s custom error.php page. Instead of the 404 response code, it was returning a 303 response: 303 See other

From what I can tell, it was because in the Global Configuration settings, I had the site offline for testing. So apparently even if logged in as a user who can view the offline site, it still won’t load the error page until the site is back online. When I put it back online, the 404 response was loading as expected… now I know.

Retrieving Custom Profile Data from Joomla User Account

I’ve been experimenting with modifying a copy of the Joomla “profile” plugin (/plugins/users/profile) and adding custom profile fields to use in other Components. Retrieving those stored profile values required some research, but it turns out it’s pretty straight-forward:

$User = JFactory::getUser();
$Profile = JUserHelper::getProfile(User->id);

From there, it may be easiest to just use the print_r() function to see what properties are available. In my case, they were in the “profile” property of the $Profile object, which was an array. So:

$favorite_goat = $Profile->profile['favorite_goat'];