ProcessForm and NateMail

We are now actively developing new form processing solutions, though I don’t yet have an estimated release date. In the meantime, our previous versions of ProcessForm and NateMail, while quite old, are still available for download. That being said:

ProcessForm 3.0.16

(last updated July 31, 2012)

Please note: I have just uploaded a patch update (3.0.16) to address the following:

  1. Removes the warning about the eregi function being deprecated in PHP 5.3 by replacing it with the newer preg_match function.
  2. The confirmation, email and database storage are now better equipped to handle UTF8 formatted data (particularly useful for non-English text).

ProcessForm 3 is our classic full-featured PHP form processing script. This script includes all the features of NateMail 3 (see below) plus the following:

  • Email File Attachments (multiple file uploads supported with control over max upload sizes – note your server’s max PHP upload size for upload limitations)
  • MySQL Database Functions (write and update form contents to your database)
  • Text File Functions (write form contents to a text file for archiving and list-building, with control over text formatting characters)
  • Advanced required field handling

Download ProcessForm »

NateMail 3.0.15

(last updated November 20, 2007)

Please use the ProcessForm download link above. NateMail was originally the free version of ProcessForm, but since they’re both currently free, please use ProcessForm… it works the same way, has more features, and leaves me with one script to make patch updates to instead of two. Thanks!

Form Security Image Script

Our basic CAPTCHA script for NateMail and ProcessForm is also still available:

Security Image Script for NateMail and ProcessForm »