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Dave Green
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site maps

Postby Dave Green » 07/07/2006 @ 06:44

G'day all,

Are site maps now days seen more as an added tool (extra) for navigation or should they be mandatory on each site that you build?

It seems to me that current sites have less and less site maps.



Nate Baldwin
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Postby Nate Baldwin » 07/07/2006 @ 11:14

I don't know if I'd call them mandatory, but I think they're still a good idea. Sometimes I'll go to the site map just for a quick overview of where I'm trying to go in a site and what info will be available. The biggest advantage though might be that search engines like site maps - one big page with text links to all the sections within the site seems to make the spiders happy.

You might check out the "Site Maps - Why and How" video tutorial from Michael here...

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