submitting sites to SE's with a specific language

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submitting sites to SE's with a specific language

Postby Dave Green » 02/14/2007 @ 18:49

Hi all,

I have created a website that is all Danish content (supplied by client as I only speak English) and I am now preparing it for submission to Google amongst other SE. However, I have never created a site that specifically aims at one countries demographic.
I have not yet completed the meta data in the site and need to know the best way to do this, would it matter if I created this in English.
Also would it also be better to add in the Google submissions area 'comments' this also in Danish.
The last thing I want to do is finish a site, put it out there and incorrectly submit it to SEs because it's in a different language and not be seen by the demographic of the country the site is built for.



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