NateMail Action not working

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NateMail Action not working

Postby jeisonr » 07/02/2009 @ 10:17

I uploaded the test file and it works fine. I created the simple email form and posted it. I did all that the manual said yet the action is still not working. I updated the css and the geerated items folder as well but nothing seems to help. I can input the name and email address but when i hit submit, nothing happens. The link for the form is here:

The test file which does work is here as well:


Nate Baldwin
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Re: NateMail Action not working

Postby Nate Baldwin » 07/28/2009 @ 11:25

Sorry about the very late reply - your submit button is a generic form button instead of a real submit button, so it's not doing anything. Try changing this:

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<input type="button" name="submitButtonName" value="SUBMIT" />

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<input type="submit" name="submitButtonName" value="SUBMIT" />

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