Error Clears User Data on Form

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Error Clears User Data on Form

Postby duce501 » 09/16/2009 @ 12:50

I installed processform and it works great with captcha.

The issue is, because it is processing the PHP and then reporting an error, when you hit back if the correct fields aren't completed,a valid email isn't given, or the security code/image is wrong the user input data is removed and the form is blank again.

That will be annoying to our users. Is there a way to fix this? Maybe a popup error window instead of new page?

Can anyone help?

Nate Baldwin
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Re: Error Clears User Data on Form

Postby Nate Baldwin » 09/17/2009 @ 07:54

Hi - I thought you were using JavaScript to check for errors before the form is submitted? That's how I usually deal with it... let the JavaScript check for errors, and just use the PHP error checking as back-up for when JavaScript is disabled. Otherwise, back button (or link) isn't particularly consistent on different browsers/environments.

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