Why aren't my files opening??

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Why aren't my files opening??

Postby shynek » 10/25/2007 @ 13:42

I am new to my company and have been put in charge of maintaining the website. I am new to all of this and am still learning. I don't think the website was running 100% correct when I was given the responsibility to maintain it.
That being said, I am not sure why the .php pages with .dwg files are not opening on our website. The page I am talking about is:
If you click on any of the links it just brings you to a blank screen. The zipped files open fine...
Can anyone help me out with this??
Thank you so much in advance.

Nate Baldwin
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Postby Nate Baldwin » 10/26/2007 @ 10:35

Does the server just not know how to handle .dwg files? Or, maybe the server needs to be told to force those files to download instead of try to open inline? The easiest answer is usually just to zip-compress the files before uploading and linking.

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Postby shynek » 10/26/2007 @ 15:27

OK, thanks, I'll give that a try!

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