How do I put pop up window in front each time?

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How do I put pop up window in front each time?

Postby govis » 02/22/2006 @ 17:47

Hi. I am using Open Popup Lite. It works great, but I have one question. I have a page with lots of pictures that open larger versions of the photo in popup window. All the links are set to open in the same popup window so that the screen won't be cluttered.

The first time I click a link the popup window shows up in front of the main page. If I don't close the popup, and click on the next picture link, the new picture opens in the popup window but it does not come to the front. It stays behind my main window.

Is there a way to bring the popup to the front every time a new picture page is loaded into it? Here's the URL:

Thanks so much for the action and for any help you can give me. :D

Nate Baldwin
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Postby Nate Baldwin » 02/22/2006 @ 18:38

Hi. There are a few different ways around that one. If it's not too horribly many popup windows, you could add this action (free) into the popup window code to force them back to the top when a new page loads... ... /index.php

Or, the commercial popup window action has an option built in to, when a link is clicked, check if there's already a window opened with that name. If there is, it will close it before launching the new one so it's forced back to the top and any size changes are recognized (you may have noticed that if your window sizes are different, that also won't change if a window by that name is already opened). ... /index.php

Or, you could attach a separate action to close any opened windows before opening the new one by attaching this action (free)... ... /index.php the link before the action on the same link that opens the new window.

Do any of those options work for what you're needing?

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pop ups

Postby govis » 02/23/2006 @ 22:27

Thanks for the advice. I went with the commercial version of the popup program. It's working great and is easy to use. I just set it to close the window of the same name. Great action, thanks a lot! :D

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