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Dave Green
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Html email stationery

Postby Dave Green » 08/02/2006 @ 09:29

G'day Nate,

Sorry, Long winded question !

I have another question with regards to HTML emails.
A mid size company has asked me to not only create/design a general html email template but also set it up on all machines in their office.

I am yet to find out what mail application they are running but I am certain it's all Windows OS and I am currently assuming something like Outlook as the mail app.

I have created a test html email that I put up on my server with all relevant images so that nothing is held locally on my Mac and I then sent the html email to myself and it's successful.

I have then tested it on a W2k pc with outlook express. Outlook as you are probably aware has a stationery folder which has not only the html files but also has the images. However I just dropped the test html that I created into the stationery folder - as the code points back to the images on my server - and I did not load any images into that stationery folder.

I then tested it by selecting that test html as my stationery for creating new mail. I then created a new email but before I sent to myself I removed some images and changed text ( ie bold and italised) and then sent the email to myself. It worked beautifully, the images that I removed was gone and the formatting of the amended text b4 I sent the email was exact.

However, two questions arise:-

1/ When I received the email in on my Mac the images from the server were shown as attachments, which is what I was trying to avoid (less bytes being sent, so the images were actually downloaded from the server), and

2/ (bit of a stupid question) hows does the mail application render the email so that what ever I change on the new stationery email b4 sending stays put at the receipients end. Is it changing the html code prior to sending. The reason why I ask this is that the client will obviously add there own text and attachments and I hope that by doing this nothing gets buggered up in the process.

Thanks again,


P.S. came back from my first Flash Action Scripting course tonight, it was excellent. What's ya knowledge like on flash? (joke, you help me enough with html)

Nate Baldwin
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Postby Nate Baldwin » 08/02/2006 @ 09:58

Hi Dave,

I'm afraid I don't use Outlook and have pretty much no idea how it works with HTML mail templates. Is there an option in there somewhere to tell it how to treat images (as either embedded/attachments or remote URLs)? My first guess is that is doesn't know how to handle that since the formatted emails I get from Outlook have the graphics as attachments, but maybe that's just the default in a setting somewhere?

I'm guessing that Outlook is just modifying the HTML before sending to handle the changes, but again, I'm probably not the best one to answer that.

Flash action scripting, eh? :-) I'm even less useful there. I know that the action script syntax is very similar to JavaScript, so I can possibly help with scripting or syntax errors, but I've never really even used Flash aside from making minor edits to existing files. These days most of my efforts go to PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS.

Dave Green
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Postby Dave Green » 08/02/2006 @ 20:10

Thanks Nate,

Yep, you were correct once again (are you ever wrong mate?) the default setting for Outlook in the HTML Settings menu is to 'send pictures with messages'.
I should have looked in the preferences before !

Anyway, once deselected no images were sent and file size was kept to a minimum.
Also noticed that upon sending the html back and forth at least 6 times between mac and pc that no formatting, images were lost between the sending and receiving and that also amending the text on the same email sent back and forth was kept throughout the journey.
Very interesting, as I have been advised by others that you should never re-send on html emails as different mail apps such as lotus notes, outlook, mail for mac have different ways of rendering html before forwarding on or replying to sender that html email.
(must have been lucky, I suppose)

Flash suckered me in with all the colourful pictures and movies, I'm stupid like that but now the actionscripting has got me and yes I believe it is based on javascript.

Thanks for your help Nate. I have made a note of all your areas of expertise so I know who to annoy. javascript:emoticon(':wink:')

Speak soon.



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