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Michael Antonelli
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Go Live --> Dreamweaver

Postby Michael Antonelli » 10/16/2006 @ 00:26

Hi Nate (and other responders)

Having been a supporter of GoLive, what do you recommend someone new to web design use? Adobe seems to be transitioning to Dreamweaver. I've built a couple of sites in Golive CS2 and am just starting to feel comfortable in it. But I understand that Adobe will be offering an upgrade which replaces GoLive with Dreamweaver in CS2.3 for $160 in November 06. Am I wasting my time in GoLive? Should I start fresh in Dreamweaver? And what about Flash?

Although this topic seems important too me, as a newbie, I don't see any discussion of it on any of your forums. Is there something I'm missing? Will all your scripts work the same way with Dreamweaver?

Thanks for all you do!

Nate Baldwin
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Postby Nate Baldwin » 10/16/2006 @ 09:57

Hi Michael,

Probably the generic easy answer is to learn as much as you can about the base technologies - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. - so you can work fairly comfortably in either. But between GoLive and Dreamweaver, I still work most of the time in GoLive because I like the source code environment better.

On the other hand, since it's hard to tell what Adobe is planning for GoLive, I'm going to be brushing up on Dreamweaver's interface with a few sites also so I'll be ready to roll either way it goes.

If you're already comfortable in GoLive, there's not reason why you can't continue to use GoLive (even just the version you have) as long as it's working for you. If you think you'll be out looking for a web design job in the near-ish future, it would probably be a good idea to learn Dreamweaver since that's what the majority of companies use. But again, if you're familiar with the source code at all, the transition is fairly easy.

I'm going to be re-working the MindPalette site as I have time, and plan to update all the GoLive action code and see if I can offer the equivalent functions as Dreamweaver Behaviors. But can't promise anything as I haven't had time to attempt that yet.

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