Slide Show Kit 1.5 for GoLive CS2 is not working

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Slide Show Kit 1.5 for GoLive CS2 is not working

Postby jsvb1977 » 03/29/2007 @ 08:27

i have used this action before and it worked, so im not sure what i am missing this time.

it is possible that because i am pulling javascript from two separate .js files it is causing a problem.

one is for "rounded corners"
the other is for "slide show kit"

firebug gives me the following error:

MPSequence2Options is not defined
[Break on this error] CSAct[/*CMP*/ '5a801541'] = new Array(MPSequence2Options,'slideshow1',false,true...

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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site link for review

Postby jsvb1977 » 03/29/2007 @ 14:05

Nate Baldwin
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Postby Nate Baldwin » 03/30/2007 @ 10:50

Can you try flattening and re-uploading your /GeneratedItems/CSScriptLib.js file in GoLive? At the point, the copy of that file on your site doesn't have any of the coded needed for the Slide Show Kit action. For details, see the first FAQ topic here:

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i think i figured it out...

Postby jsvb1977 » 03/30/2007 @ 11:01

thanks for the reply,

visit the following link to see the completed slide show:

basically, what i found was that because i was calling other javascript with windows.onload, the slideshow wasnt working.

so, in golive, i selected the slideshow script code to be 'written into page'.

then, i had to call my other external .js file first -- then i called the golive .js file from the generated images folder.

so, its working! thanks.

check out the above link to see what i am talking about.


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